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This page serves as an information hub for organizing plots! Staff uses it, PRP runners are welcome and encouraged to use it and edit it at will, as well. Communicate and organize your plot in whatever format works best for you, and be sure to check out our Plot Overview Template to copypasta as a framework to get started. You can also find Plots For Adoption which are plots which can be handed off to someone else to run for as long as the PRP runner wants to run it.


  • Finding The Author: A group of hunters known as The Children of Athanasius have identified a powerful relic in an attempt to gain the upper hand in destroying the non-supernatural.


  • The Children Of Athanasius: Prince Winder has launched an investigation into a group of chillingly-informed vampire hunters announced themselves to the Bay area with an execution film in the guise of a supernatural thriller movie. Meanwhile, a group of vampire hunters have reportedly kidnapped the Sabbat pack, The Iron Shields, and each Sect wants to track them down, whether to recover their brethren or leverage the missing vampires as a lead to exterminate the hunters.
  • Neptune's Bones (Malkavian): The Cobweb is chatty ... "He has pierced the heart of Ahwaste," a voice cries: "He feasts upon Neptune's bones! He will drag us into the ocean!" What is this about? Where is this leading?
  • Setite Smokeout (Sabbat): The Sabbat have found a few worshippers of the dusty god. Are they going to take initiative?


  • Sutro Baths: The Technocratic Union has taken over a node previously occupied by a mysterious, violent monster.


The following plots are geared to have no inherent supernatural components -- at least, not as a hook -- so that human characters and mortal+ characters can easily find something to join in on without relying on supernatural allies.

  • Drug Syndicates: San Francisco's opiate crisis has been worsened not only with fentanyl, but the introduction of untraceable ghost guns.
  • Fort Point Murders: Three bodies have been brutally claimed in mere weeks, brutally savaged to death. What the hell is going on out there?
  • Eddy Rocked: A shootout at a Tenderloin nightclub has killed 4 people and injured several others.

Tick, Tock, Doomsday Clock

There is a plotline about the Masquerade breaking that you have the power and obligation to stave off! If the clock ever hits midnight, then staff will unleash a particular metaplot about the Masquerade breaking in a gigantic and world-changing way. This number is a tally maintained by storytellers that is composed of masquerade breaches, which can be cleaned up. If we have too many uncured breaches, though, ... Well, you'll see what happens. Or you won't, hopefully. When connected to the game, you can see the Doomsday Clock by typing "+who" or "+doom".

Here are instances where someone or something has moved the needle...

These particular incidents can be investigated and maybe even should! Repeat offenders only drive us closer to destruction, spin doctors can turn the clock back, and if nothing else, it pays to know who did what if only not to go down with them!

Unsorted Events

Some events happen but their nature is not yet known ICly, so they're not sorted into a specific plot line just yet, but they definitely are something. Until where they go becomes public knowledge within one or more spheres, the following developments go unsorted.

Resolved Plots