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The Author

The Author is a powerful relic rumored to wield significant, destructive power like the fabled Eye Of Hazimel. It was a dusty research topic found on the shelves of chantries until one day a snuff video went viral on the Internet to send a message to vampiric luminaries like Prince Winder. Masquerading a trailer for a supernatural thriller, the torture film shed digital light on a once-clandestine effort to find this ancient bauble. Not long after, a Tremere Apprentice's dead-man switch dropped a warning to SchreckNet, which made the rounds with its call to action: hunters want this thing to extinguish us all. Make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

The Author's become a hot item thanks to its alleged capabilities. Assamite scholar Ehsan Khadem has convinced the Camarilla and the Anarchs they can use it to bait the Children of Athanasius, a fanatic group which wants to use the artifact to extinguish the supernatural. Archbishop Danielle Washington is convinced that this thing, if real, will be a valuable resource for those inevitable days where the Ancients come to devour us all.

The Author is known to be a silver item with an intricate pattern on it depicting a particular maker's mark, almost like a mandala. Pictures and drawings of that design are reconstructions based on descriptions, theoretical only, but the item is distinctly magical. Its alleged Turkish history has drawn attention towards specific exhibits and private collections of elite collectors like Doctor Carter.

But its pursuers have trouble: the latest team joining the search for The Author is the FBI or INTERPOL at this rate, thanks to an ill-fated attempt at a raid on the de Young museum that's bound to bring in at least the feds...

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The Children Of Athanasius

A group of chillingly-informed vampire hunters announced themselves to the Bay area with an execution film in the guise of a supernatural thriller movie, but they're not satisfied with vampires. Shortly after a warning dropped on certain corners of the Internet, the Golden Gate Chantry was firebombed by the very same fanatics. They're a cult which thinks the Bible's passages of "stewardship of the earth" is God's directive to curate and purify the world and they've tricked the supernatural world into wildly underestimating them. How? Fronting as a UFO cult.

They're after The Author, and their plans are to use it as some sort of WMD aimed at vampires, mages, werewolves, name it. We're "Daniel's four kingdoms" of the apocalypse to these Jesus freaks, apparently. And they've got funding and connections, among them a suspected sorcerer named Benjamin Wagner, a corporate suit in an international mining operation. Maybe he's important enough to be worth paying a ... Visit.

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Party Harders

Khoi and Christy currently have some issues with their home being watched. Past mistakes have led to being followed by the Union, and by the Cult. Who is watching them now? Why? What are they doing with that information? Will it lead to something worse than peeping toms?

You Go To One Goat Rager...

Nola has returned to the city after being otherwise occupied! A prophetic dream drove her to find Tsuchigumo, Alice, and Aisling and band together to do something about the things and people encroaching on the city after the fall of the Golden Gate Chantry.

Three's Company

Doc, Blu, and Red have investigated the Sanguine Services cabal and the Guiding Hands cabal to see what their deal is. Can they find a missing Hermetic? What worms will they find when they start turning over rocks? Will they join the Grace Cathedral Chantry?

Brewing The Tempest

The price of knowledge is painful, sometimes cruelly and arbitrarily so. What does being used as your mentor's lackey to resolve a feud have to do with enlightnment? A reminder of who is the teacher and who is the student, that's what. Andy's about to learn.

Whispering Hillock

Greenthumbs is out to convince his mentor Rotknuckle to teach him something, but he's only willing to teach Greenie if shit gets done. Dirty. He needs to find the guy Rot needs, Ben Padilla. Samedi, stole a talisman from him made of his sire's femur. Last seen bogging it up somewhere in the San Andreas lake.