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San Francisco has a thriving vampire population, but one that needs to be careful under with the proliferation of the Internet. The Anarchs are sprinkled throughout the city in a patchwork, decentralized fashion and they compose your usual gallery of passionate Neonates campaigning for meritocracy and an end to neofeudalism, balancing a tense co-existence with the Sabbat and navigating the infuriating hierarchy of Camarilla Court in order to subvert and tame its incursions on the free will of its constituents.


The Anarch sphere on Modern Nights is intended to be about the struggle to the top, and so we strongly encourage Neonates to be a part of it, with Ancillae as a secondary preference. The Anarchs on Modern Nights is intended to be an outlet for players who thrive in an environment where the prevailing themes are meritocracy, individuality, and bonds forged from surviving a dangerous world together. It is intended to be an environment where there is the pressure to conform and obey and the objective is to assert your autonomy and forge a family out of the fires of opposition. Think Lost Boys (of course) and The Warriors.

While we allow you to play in whichever sect you please, your character will best succeed in the Anarchs if they are, in fact, a collaborative character willing to work on a team and capable of handling chaos. If you, as a player, do not thrive in this kind of genre, then we suggest that you consider the more structured Camarilla or Sabbat instead. We want you to be a happy player who feels like there's a place for you! It just might not be after getting jumped into an Anarch Gang.

Current Leadership

Anarch Logs

The following logs are to be considered public IC information, under the assumption your character attended a public IC gathering represented in the log. Feel free to use the information discussed in the logs linked here to speed up any IC onboarding.

Join The Movement

In order to make sure all characters have an easy hook into the plot of the game and the themes we want to run, Anarch character applications should pick one of the following backstory aspects. If you do not like any of these aspects, you can collaborate with staff to write your own hook into the story. We will need you to have a direct "in" to be approved. Custom perks will not be available for custom hooks, but existing perks can be applied. For instance, you make up a story that ties you to an NPC mentioned below, you could reasonably take them as an ally as if you took a standard hook.

Special Order

The desire for occult knowledge burns within you as bright as your need to be your own master.

Your Occult interests could have led you to the Shuttered Room, but you'll drink from no cup, swear to no sorcerer, and sign no god damn contract. Instead you've landed in Baron Lopez's international imports company, and in your nightly grind you sometimes see the 'sensitive' goods -- bodies and baubles alike. Whether as an actual employee, a courier, or security detail to protect its 'interests', your history of operating on a need-to-know basis has led you to believe it all must lead to House Carna, or at least one of the Princess Witch's cultic devotees.

While these renunciates of the Tremere evade you, it seems you or Lopez Imports have their blessing so long as the cargo keeps coming. You lack the Tremere's secure chantries and storehouses of occult lore, but what do you have is a freedom to practice that they'll never know. Some nights, unique cargo gets "lost" -- just pick your spoils wisely.

When taking Special Order, you can pick one of the following perks:

  • Patron (The Client): You will receive 2 dots of Patron on your sheet. It's clear that Lopez Imports deals for some sort of magic-wielding client given the goods and corpses that it ships. You're not sure if you're in your patron's good graces for taking care of the cargo or if you're just getting help as second-hand insurance from this shadowy benefactor. All you know is, when you're on the job, sometimes help just swoops the fuck in. If a storyteller is not invoking this background often enough, you can point this perk out to waive karma costs if your scenes are related to fulfilling any task for Lopez Imports.
  • Influence (Transportation or Occult): Get 1 additional dot of Transportation or Occult influence applied after character generation. If you go with Occult Influence, please pick an occultism niche, like 'voodoo' or 'palero'.
  • Ability Boost (Drive, Technology or Larceny): Allocate 2 additional dots into either Streetwise or Intimidation, applied after character generation.

Hired Gun

You're here to rip and tear until it's fucking done.

The Baron hired you back when. You don't answer to him directly, but he's colored the nature of your contracts to be by Anarchs, for Anarchs. Your current role as a mercenary within Lopez's barony has tied you in with either the Hells Angels MC, the Mexican Mafia or both. Your contracts to move goods and bust heads sometimes pairs you with the likes of MS-13 and the Sureños, leading you to inherit their rivals (the Norteños, BGF and MOD and among them). Although those of your own anarch gang are usually the only vampires on the block during your night-to-night, the Anarchy's allegiance with the Mafia will occasionally open up work with the Sabbat-infiltrated Sinaloas. Makes some contracts into some lucrative-ass adventures. Play your cards right.

When taking Hired Gun, you can pick one of the following perks:

  • Ally (Tiny Toe Tracy): Take the Nosferatu Hells Angels mercenary, Tiny Toe Tracy as an ally under the premise of working alongside her successfully in the past (technically Allies must be mortal only, this is an exception). You'll be able to call on her as IC backup in your adventures.
  • Influence (Criminal): Get 1 additional dot of Criminal Influence, applied after character generation. Our Influence system has specialties in it: you'll pick between Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, or Arms Trafficking. This Influence will be assigned to the Mexican Mafia or the Hells Angels.
  • Ability Boost (Larceny, Intimidation or Streetwise): Allocate 2 additional dots into either Larceny, Intimidation or Streetwise, applied after character generation.

New Rich

You're here to bankroll the revolution.

The Camarilla lords over us with its 'intergenerational' wealth and network of undeserved friends in high places. Meanwhile our ranks aren't exactly as privileged as the ivory tower, you feel me? So you're changing that. Whether the money's clean or the money's cleaned, there's millions to be mined out of San Francisco: the fine art, the real estate, and all that tech funding spewed at the startups just to start. The arsenal with which you build the armory might be financial acumen as a savvy investor, or perhaps you're a socialite swindling the upper crust into lining your pockets with their latest indulgent purchase. Whatever the case may be, your savage savoir faire is there to show that the Anarchs're far more than a bunch of rebels without a clue.

When taking New Rich, you can pick one of the following perks:

  • Ally (Kyle Cooper): You've thrown your lot in with Kyle Cooper's tech and real estate investments, a partner (in crime or on paper) of Architect Securities. Take the Malkavian constable, Kyle Cooper as an ally under the premise of working alongside him successfully in the past (technically Allies must be mortal only, this is an exception). You'll be able to call on him as IC backup in your adventures.
  • Influence (Financial, High Society or Media): Get 1 additional dot of Financial Influence or Media influence, applied after character generation.
  • Ability Boost (Finance, Tehcnology and Computer): Allocate 2 additional dots into either Finance, Technology or Computer, applied after character generation.

Anarchs And Sabbat

Archbishop Washington started an odd relationship with the Bay Area Anarchs. She's more informally known to the Anarchs as just Mama but less so out of affection and moreso to keep from dropping her real name to any potential (animal) spies. The moniker fits with her brand: she considers vampires various levels of 'family.' Mama and her 'children' have called enough anarchs 'Cousins' for the Anarchs to get the picture that we aren't enemies. That doesn't keep the Sabbat from trying to drag them to their rituals and convert or 'adopt' them, but, at least they can rest easy that Mama looks down on Caine-freaks 'killing the nonbelievers' as "wasting potential".

The Sabbat and the Anarchs tend to get along more or less, if awkwardly, with skirmishes and spats that are mostly pack-vs-gang squabbles. The only real trouble from Mama is that she's just as bad as the Tower about deciding that we're somehow in her jurisdiction. One night, it's Winder breathing down your neck and demanding your participation in Court. The next, it's some wild-eyed doomsday zealot trying to drag you to Esbat.

Anarchs And Camarilla

Prince Winder considers herself in charge of the Anarchs, including Baron Gonzalo Lopez, who rose to prominence as an organizer and strategist and secured the title of Baron in 1999. Through his connections with various warehousing and transportation companies, Lopez runs a tight ship in the business of holding idiots accountable and generally leaves everyone alone beyond that. She invites the Anarchs to Court and expects them to report, and sometimes sends her sheriff in to hold court-skippers accountable.



Staff Info

  • Wizard: Batty

Common Clans

Brujah Open
Caitiff Open
Gangrel Open
Nosferatu Open
Malkavian Open
Toreador Open
Ventrue Open

Uncommon Clans

Uncommon clans are ones that are considered oddities to have within the sect. You may play one of the following as an Anarch character, but it's just a weird choice.

Banu Haqim Open
Followers of Set Open


Although Modern Nights has a host of NPCs and the game design starts with NPC leaders in all positions, your character can attain any title within the Anarchs up to and including being the Baron. The position does need to be earned through IC play: we want to see that you will invest time in the character you are playing before giving you the responsibility of a leadership position. However, we are happy to arrange IC events leading to your taking on of the title if you are interested: simply communicate your goals as a player so that we can collaborate with you. If there are competing players who want the same title, then we will allow them to ICly compete without stacking the deck in anybody's favor. If no other player wants to compete for that title, then we will write a storyline with the end-goal being your character's acquisition of such a title.


We use the Mind's Eye Theater Status System. Its intent is to promote and inform the way that the sect social rules work. While you can read about the rules in detail in the official material, here is a simplified run-down that contains enough to play. Please note that this is not actually a 1:1 explanation of the Status System.

You have Titles (called Abiding and Innate status in MET) and you have Fleeting Status. Titles are things like "Prince" and "Elder" and they apply to you so long as you are that thing. Those titles come with privileges, such as descriptions of what is within your authority, which is what you're probably used to ("A primogen represents his clan, yaddah"). But it also talks about giving people badges like "Favored" and "Honorable."

These monikers are called Fleeting Status. They are little badges you get for certain rewardable RP behavior. For example, Triumphant is a Fleeting Status awarded to people who do something risky and come out victorious. These badges give you some thematically appropriate benefit. Triumphant, for example, gives you the ability to feed wherever you like instead of at designated grounds, because you're known as Billy Badass.

Some badges are negative: Warned, Disgraced, and Forsaken. These you get for being insubordinate, breaking sect law, and so on. When you get Negative Status, this comes with some kind of attached punishment (determined by the status trait itself) and it lasts for either 30 days or until the person who administered it (or someone over their head) forgives you.

Fleeting Status traits last until either you spend them, or you get Warned. Continuing with our Triumphant example, Triumphant can be spent on auto-succeeding on a Rotschreck roll (it would not do for Billy Badass to lose his shit). Once you've spent your Fleeting Status, it's gone forever, but you can earn the same kind of status again.

You can collect up to five Fleeting Status points. You can collect multiple instances of the same kind of Fleeting Status, too. So, at any given time, you have up to 5 Fleeting Status traits, and whatever special rules go along with your title if you have a title.

Learn more on the Status page.