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Acquiring Rituals

In Character Generation: Your characters may enter the game with more than just their first free starting ritual by paying for them in XP using the following costs:

  • Level 1 Ritual: 1 XP
  • Level 2 Ritual: 3 XP
  • Level 3 Ritual: 6 XP
  • Level 4 Ritual: 10 XP
  • Level 5 Ritual: 15 XP

After Character Generation: Your character must first obtain IC access to the ritual. You may obtain IC access to a ritual by any of the following ways:

  • Negotiating with another PC who knows it
  • Having access to an appropriate occult library (e.g., the Tremere Chantry)
  • Getting access via a plot, perhaps through an NPC, or a scroll or tome.

Then, your character must spend an amount of time actually learning the ritual by performing an extended roll, accumulating an amount of successes equal to the Ritual Level x 3. It costs 4 Downtime points (news downtime) to spend most of a week researching and practicing a ritual. For each week you do this, you make an intelligence + occult roll at difficulty 6. You may add your specialty if it applies, as well as dice pool bonuses, penalties, and difficulty modifiers from anything affecting occult research. There is no cap to the number of times you may roll to learn a given ritual.

To go about doing this, send in a +request (+request Learning Ritual = blahblah) that names the ritual and points out how your character has access to it.

+roll/job ##/downtime 4 = intelligence + occult will post your roll to the job.

You will be able to do this every singe Monday (as Downtime refills on Monday) until you have accumulated enough successes, and staff will add the ritual to your sheet once it is time.

Mentors And Rituals

Vampire characters may use dots of Mentor to learn rituals (if that mentor reasonably would have that blood magick: Luke Lasombra ain't teachin' you Akhu). What your Mentor knows and/or is willing to teach you is determined at the time that you +request to learn a ritual through the mentor. This is determined by rolling dice equal to your Mentor rating against a difficulty of [4 + Ritual Level]. You need one success to unlock it through your mentor.

Let's say Nelly Necromancer wants to learn Two Centimes from his two-dot mentor. This is a level 2 ritual, so the difficulty is 6. He rolls 2 dice with a difficulty of 6, and tadah! He succeeds. He can learn Two Centimes.

Please note, Abyss Mysticism rituals are exceptions to this rule because the Abyss Mysticism ritual selection is very, very small (about a tenth of the size as the Thaumaturgy ritual selection), meaning that if we were to use that mechanic, then the act of learning most if not all of these rituals (which represent forbidden knowledge and unspeakable revelations) becomes trivialized into a few dice rolls that could have been compelling stories.

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