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Who Can Run PRPs?

Anybody can run PRPs as long as they have one approved, non-deactivated character and are thus a part of the game.

How Do I Run PRPs?

If you want to run PRPs from your character bit directly you are welcome to do so, but we would prefer that you make a PRP account. For one, staff will know that you're running PRPs this way, and for two, these accounts get special permissions to make running PRPs easier.

To make a PRP account:

1) Create a new character named "<whatever>-PRP"
2) Register this as a PRP account with "+register <your email>, using the same information that you used with your character(s).
3) Send in a +request asking to have your ST account set up.

Next, just go wild. Run scenes. We trust that your idea is sensible. You are expected and trusted to refrain from using existing staff-run NPCs or WOD canon NPCs without explicit permission, and you are expected and trusted to limit involvement of splats that are not supported on the game (such as Werewolf or Changeling). We recommend and prefer that you send in a +request to post brief summaries of the scenes and the room they took place in so that we're kept in the loop and so we can use that information to award you karma/XP. We also strongly recommend and prefer that you build up the Wiki to help make content about the game continuity accessible. Is there a specific gang that haunts a particular neighborhood, for example? Slap it into our Setting page! This is a collaborative storytelling game, and you are a contributor.

Don't forget that players can assign their own jobs, so you can tell players to assign related +requests to you!

We reserve the right to step in at any time to stop, adjust, retcon, or take over any PRP that becomes inappropriate or abuses the spirit of our lenient policy. We similarly reserve the right to correct inappropriate information that is contributed to the setting. If things start getting a little bigger than you expected, or you find yourself facing writer's block, please reach out to staff! We can work with you to ensure fun and organization for everyone.

What Does A PRP Account Do?

PRP accounts currently have the following coded in permissions, which are intended to expand:

  • Extended Note Writing: A standard player account can only manage notes for their own account and their own NPCs. By contrast, a PRP account can set, edit, and delete notes on other player characters. They can only view the notes that they themselves have written (or notes that have been made public with the +note/publish command), so it is hardly a staff view of notes, but it is useful as an organizational tool to collaborate with the players they are engaging.
  • Additional +Equipment Access: When a player looks at another player or location's inventory, they only see the item name and description. When a PRP account looks at the same, they can see any note that a player has put on the equipment piece as well as notes left by staff.
  • Additional +Jobs Commands: Players rely on staff to close +jobs. PRP runners can close jobs that are assigned to them with the /approve, /deny/ and /close command set.

We do not plan on giving PRP accounts special permissions to access sheets. A player can show any other person their sheet with the "+sheet/show <viewer>" command, so a PRP runner need only ask to see someone's sheet.

The features that PRP runners can leverage are discussed in detail at our PRP Resources page.

Where can my plots take place?

PRPs can take place anywhere, including the Umbra, the Shadowlands, or some other plane of existence.

Please note that the Avatar Storm is over in our game world, and that it has rendered many umbral maps useless and umbral travel a risky but not impossible endeavor.

You can make events occur at locations on the grid that do not ICly belong to you if you can access these locations. You may use the Anywhere rooms but we strongly prefer that you put these plots on the grid so other people can join.

What NPCs Can I Use?

You can make whatever NPCs your plot needs. We trust you to make NPCs in good faith who are appropriate challenges for the intended participants of your plot lines. Staff reserves the right to alter the capabilities of your NPCs should they be deemed inappropriate, such as overpowered NPCs.

Can My Plots Use…

  • Changelings? Yes.
  • Demons? Demons are totally allowable NPCs but you will be required to use the material in the Vampire and Mage 20th Anniversary books, not Demon: the Fallen.
  • Hunters? DEUS FUKKEN VULT, MY DUDES. Please note, however, if you want supernaturally able hunters, then use Sorcerer: Revised Numina. Do not use the traits from Hunter The Reckoning.
    • The Inquisition/Society Of Leopold? I SAID DEUS VULT (yes, use them).
    • S.A.D./The Gubbermints: Yes, use them.
    • The Arcanum: Yes, use them.
  • Kindred Of The East? Not at this time.
  • Mages? Yes. This includes Technocrats, Nephandi, and Marauders.
  • Mummies: No.
  • Sorcerer Societies? Yes! Use them!
  • Spiwwits? Yes! Use them.
  • Vampires? You can make Anarch, Camarilla, Indies and Sabbat NPCs! You can also make Infernalists, Archons, Templars, and Inquisitors. You cannot use The True Black Hand.
  • Werewolves? Garou, yes. Ratkin and Rokea, yes. The other Changing Breeds, no.
  • Wraiths? Yes, use them using the rules provided in V20 & M20.
  • Existing, Staff NPCs? Yes, but in this case, you need to get permission on a per-scene basis. Cuz we're using them too.

How do I check that I'm not stepping on anybody's toes?

Submit your plot (or plot idea) to staff! You don't have to, but this is the best way to check for anything you're not sure of.

Staff will triage what's going on and if someone is doing something that runs into your plot then we'll let you know and figure out what we can do so y'all both can run something fun. If you have observed that staff is running a certain type of antagonist or plot arc, you still are welcome to run an idea that is similar! Who knows, they might only look similar on the surface. Just because staff is using hunters or the technocracy as an antagonist, for example, doesn't mean that you can't also do that.

If you are wondering about running into people whose characters should be embedded into a certain industry or world, you can type +inf/list to see all the influence categories and then type "+inf/list <name of influence>" to check if there are any players considered to have dominated that influence track. If you can see someone on the list when you check that influence type, then now you know who you can loop in! You have no obligation to sync up with these people but you are encouraged to.

XP Rewards For STing

Players who run scenes or plots, regardless of if it's from an PRP bit, can get XP and/or Karma (you pick which one) for each scene they run to a maximum of 5 XP and/or Karma per month. See more on our Experience Points page.

Can I Reward Characters?

Yes! You can nominate characters for fancy magic reward items or points of Allies, Retainer, and so on. To do so, simply +request things to make what you did a part of the story world (e.g., "Jimmy chatted this bartender up and I think he should count towards making a new Contact for him!").

Your request, on review, may be denied or altered depending on what it is. Staff can and will step in at their discretion to retcon or modify scenes that are inappropriate, such as ones that break the barrier between IC and OOC or are wildly unbelievable (like, burning down a whole building and nobody noticing).

Can I Kill Characters in my PRPs?

You can design plots that have the potential to kill characters in terms of the IC risks.

If you do intend for there to be character death, please make this risk explicitly clear! ​Stop all the players and go, "Hey! We have reached a part of this plot/scene where death is a risk. Are you OK with this?" If your players consent, awesome. Be transparent OOCly about the risks that they may face so that they can inform you of whatever IC defenses they may have.

We do not subscribe to the idea that running out of health boxes needs to mean character death, so please feel free to use that for wiggle room. Jimbo could have gotten dramatically incapacitated and left for dead.

Can I "Punish" Characters in my PRPs?

Yes. There is a difference between providing consequences for characters versus merely antagonizing players, but if you think it is appropriate, you can take the gloves off with the characters in your story. Just remember, if your plot comes with the potential to kill, you must tap the brakes to be transparent with every one of your players.

If you feel that a PRP runner is abusing the leniency of our PRP policies and using "plot" as a thin disguise for OOC motivations, please contact Batty.

Can I Award XP?

Yes! You can do so through +request. You can nominate a player for a point of XP for the following acts:

  • Learning Curve: Characters who’ve learned something pivotal to either the plot or their own personal character development can earn a point to reflect that knowledge. To earn that point, the player should explain why that knowledge changed her character’s world. Acquiring a new dot in a stat does not count as “learning” in this context.
  • Focus (for Mages): Belief and practice are important to a mage. A player who gets deep into her character’s paradigm, plays up that mage’s beliefs, details her practices, and uses her instruments in cleverly appropriate ways, may get a point for emphasizing the mage’s approach to the Arts and Sciences.
  • Status (for Vampires): Each sect maintains their own values and social strata. A player whose character earns the Fleeting Status titles earn 0.25 XP per acquired Status Title. This is done as a reflexive feature of the +status/grant command.
  • Heroism: A character who faces incredible odds to perform a memorable act of sacrifice or risk ought to be rewarded for stepping up courageously and doing what needed to be done. This can be against social, mental, or physical risks, awarding 1 point.
  • (IC) Drama: A Storyteller can decide to give out extra points for especially deep roleplaying, dramatic self-sacrifice, or other memorable moments.
  • Success: If a character has had a goal that has lasted through multiple scenes and accomplishes that goal Everyone involved in the adventure gets an extra point at the end of that story, assuming that they met their major goals and gained a sort of victory.
  • Danger: If the characters faced major hazards (harrowing temptations, fights in which survival was seriously in doubt, etc.) they may gain an extra point. Note that this needs to be an above and beyond sort of situation. Any old instance of conflict is not going to fulfill this story point.
  • Thinking Outside The Box: If a character was particularly clever, then she ought to be rewarded for using her head! This needs to be a situation where things could have gone seriously sideways had that character not shown that spark of wit.

You may reward For every applicable aspect in the list above. You may reward the same character for different things or the same thing multiple times. Simply send in a +request pointing out where/how this was earned. A given character can earn a maximum of 5 XP per month from all combined ST rewards and PRP-runner recommendations in this manner.