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Our PRP policies are listed in our Policies! The policy page is great to explain what and how to get started, but the following content is advice and help once you've gotten a PRP account to help you out.

Storytelling Style

You can storytell in whatever way you see fit, but since we are out to create an accessible game for casuals as well as power users we want you to be willing to do the following things:

Please do not map IC deadlines to an OOC date. IC deadlines should never be OOC Deadlines! If you have a time-sensitive deadline IC, that's fine, but any +request or @mail stating a character's IC actions to be completed by that deadline are valid so long as the request is sent in before the day of the IC deadline. You can read more about this outlook in our Mission Statement. If a PRP runner maps an IC deadline to an OOC date and this causes an issue for a player who couldn't complete the IC task due to OOC reasons, then staff reserves the right to change the IC continuity accordingly.

Please do not set forth any expectation that players should wait on a timestop. We do have a command to issue timestops in order to dog-ear a scene and mark it down as a cliffhanger. However, Timestops on Modern Nights are not intended to put anybody in an RP lock (it all goes back to valuing the time of casuals and a trust-first model to our players as in our mission statement).

Remember that 0 HP does not need to mean dead! The WOD health level mechanics aren't necessarily a shining model of balanced or believable behavior. We're here to tell a story for our engagement and enjoyment. Short of some significant mitigating narrative factor, you are strongly encouraged to treat 0 health levels as critical condition (and impending death if they don't get medical attention), not actually dead.

Leverage the Karma system! Is your player stuck? Offer advice for a karma. Did they come unprepared? Offer the right tools for a karma. Once you're done, you can report that somebody spent their Karma in a +job (hopefully the same job you give 'em XP for!)

Storytelling Resources

As a PRP runner, you can manage and access notes which can be hierarchically sorted! Players can also benefit from and maintain hierarchically sorted notes, but you have slightly elevated access.

Running Events

The +events code is open for anybody at all to use. To create a new event: +event/create <Title>=<timestamp>/<genre>/<summary>. The helpfile for the +events code is accesible on the game by typing "+help events".

Tracking Plots With Requests

Do you want your players to be able to coordinate with you over time?

You can have players assign jobs to you with the +job/assign <#> = <person> command, so at the end of your scenes, you can encourage people to send in +requests and assign them to you.

When a +job is assigned to you, you can use the same +job/add and +job/cc commands that you use as a player, but you additionally can resolve jobs once you're done with +job/close <#>=<closing comments>.

You also can use +job/approve <#>=<blah> and +job/deny <#>=<blah>. They're all pretty much the same command.

Tracking Plots With Notes

Your personal organizational tools are whatever works for you, but it doesn't hurt to provide you a tool that helps us stay in the loop alongside you! If you prefer to track your plots through notes and not +request, we're down. Just make sure staff is aware that the notes are there (we won't look for what we don't know exists, after all).

Accessing Notes

When someone makes a note, that note is assumed to only be viewable by staff and the original note writer.

However, notes can be published. You can use the +notes command to view any other player's (published) +notes by typing "+notes <their name>" and you can also do this with rooms (try "+notes clarion alley") from anywhere. You also can use "+notes here" to see notes for the room you're standing in.

"Published" notes are +notes that have been marked for others to access if they're not staff. These can be fully public (+notes clarion alley holds one such note) or these can be for PRP eyes only (+notes mage resources is one example). They can also be published to certain character types such as "only those with streetwise 3" (read more about note locking in +help notes), but the takeaway here is that notes can be published for PRP bits and you can see them.

Sorting Notes

You can organize any note you have access to. The hierarchical sorting feature is available to players as well, but their usefulness for PRP runners bears mentioning!

Let's say you make a note on yourself for your plot, and you want to divide it into three acts. You can make an act one note, an act two note, an act three note, and then create an overall note ("The Great Plot Arc") to file them under, like so:

Let's make our first note:

+note/write The Great Plot Arc=Here's an overview of The Great Plot!

Next, we're making the various notes to file under our main one:

+note/write Act One=Here's what happens in Act One.
+note/write Act Two=Here's what happens in Act Two.
+note/write Act Three=Here's what happens in Act Three.

Finally, we're filing the notes under the great plot arc:

+note/file Act One=The Great Plot Arc
+note/file Act Two=The Great Plot Arc
+note/file Act Three=The Great Plot Arc

You can make a daisy chain of notes, so for instance, if we wanted a note that talked about certain things that happened in Act One and file it under act one:

+note/write Timmy's Big Scene=This note talks about the time Timmy...
+note/file Timmy's Big Scene=Act One

When you access notes that have notes filed under them, you'll see the filed notes in an "Also See..." section, like this:

--------------------[OOC - Staff - Mage Resources / nodes]---------------------
There are currently X nodes in San Francisco. This note holds their locations.
   * Written by Batty on July 07, 2021 
   * Staff and Batty can view this note. 
   * Staff Approved Note  
----[Also See...]--------------------------------------------------------------
   node - sutro baths        node - clarion alley    node - undiscovered loc

Here, one could access the "node - sutro baths" note with "+note mage/node - sutro baths".