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Lucky Boar Studios

With over 20 years of film and video production experience, our team of creative professionals in San Francisco, California can guide you from project planning through publishing.

How do you last more than 20 years in the video production business? By being nimble, flexible, and client-focused. Since 1998, Lucky Boar Studios has remained among the top video production companies in San Francisco, California, by evolving with technology and trends, but never losing sight of each clients' unique goals.

We create moments of clarity, sometimes from mountains of content. We strive to understand the subject matter as well as you do and to treat the content with as much care as you do.

No matter how complex or technical, we produce projects that create a connection with the audience.

Our Team

Hannah Yue, Producer/Director: has done commercials for Horizon Wireless and various Bay-area companies. She's won an AV Video Magazine Producer's Award. Her work has also included political commercials as well as PSAs for the League of Women Voters, California Office of Traffic Safety, and award-winning spots for the California Student Aid Commission.

Mariana Yue, Producer/Cinematographer: has directed the successful supernatural web series Preternatural and has years of creative experience with California's various city departments, such as providing the direction and vision for the training materials for the California Office of Traffic Safety and the California National Guard. She serves as a director of photography.

Riley Hoffman, Producer: has joined our team recently after her NetFulu+'s webseries special, Single Female Laywer and Wart's The Matter, which documents the adventures of Stacy Cho, Dermatologist and single mother!

Jordan James, Creative Director: Jordan James, hailing from Los Angeles, is a recent addition full of talent and potential!


Lucky Boar has a Santa Clara office and a San Francisco office, the addresses and phone numbers plainly accessible on the website:

1390 Market Street, Suite #1002, San Francisco, CA 94102 || 415 626 2602

2785 Park Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050 || 408 248 5150

Blog Section

Their blog talks about various projects that are unrelated, discussing the commercials and other goings-on that they're shooting for or editing for. They're really proud of shooting an episode for some dumb ass reality TV shows (miserable shit like Wart's The Matter? A show about a dermatologist who will forever be little more than an uninspiring knockoff of Dr. Pimple Popper, but they somehow got a second season).

There is a blog post about The Author dated March 17, 2020. The blog post starts out with a photo of the over-the-shoulder shot that shows the back of the Interrogator looming over Ramos in his chair. There is only one paragraph, followed by social media buttons and the comments section seen on any typical blog. The blog post reads:

"A secret, supernatural society of vampires and other ghastly creatures have lurked in the night for centuries, forming alliances and making enemies among themselves. Two groups clash over the crown jewel of the Bay, operating under the cover of human gangs as they play cloak and dagger and compete for the city and its riches. The Author will be our first full-length film and we are extremely excited for its launch! Stay tuned for the release of the trailer!"

Organization Type: Film Studio (Media; Movies And TV)
Founded: 1997
Membership: Closed (temporary plot device, not ICly hiring).

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