Vince Choi

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Vince Choi



RP Hooks

  • All Out Of Bubble Gum: This NPC can be taken as an Ally for the Mage chargen hook "All Out Of Bubble Gum:" San Francisco's recent past has been quiet, but the invasion of the Syndicate into Sutro Baths has struck a wake-up call among Awakened such as yourself. Breaktime's over. Your contributions might be as a foot soldier, a spy, or even an architect of improvements to the chantry and its node. Either way, you're here to make sure one of the world's richest cities stays in rightful hands.

Name: Xianmin "Vince" Choi
Apparent Age: Adult
Nationality: Chinese American
Nature: Thrill-Seeker
Demeanor: Bravo
Craft: Wu Lung