Vikram Patel

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Vikram "Vic" Patel


Vic is a second generation US citizen who, thanks to clever investing and use of magick, has plenty of money but never seems to do much actual work. He's well-liked in the wealthy tech and media circles he runs in, even if he does have a reputation as a bit of a hustler. When asked, he says he moved to San Francisco in 2013 because the Bay Area is where the money is. While this is partly true, the main reason he's here is his interest in the Signal Jammer, which has - in his mind - gotten entirely out of control and needs to be put out of everyone's misery.

While he's quite knowledgeable about technology and code, his magickal style is much more mystic, and he's actually Hindu. He specializes in Entropy and Mind, and as part of his studies of the Signal Jammer, knows a fair bit about Correspondence.


Patel is a funny, charming guy. He enjoys a good mystery and challenge, hence his attraction to the Signal Jammer matter. Despite a personality that outwardly seems more interested in good humor and get rich quick schemes, he takes his religious beliefs and duties as a Thanatoic seriously; more than one investor or techie he's run into over the years has had a run of (occasionally fatal) bad luck. This commitment also includes his obligations to his mentee(s).

RP Hooks

  • All Out Of Bubble Gum: This NPC can be taken as an Ally for the Mage chargen hook "All Out Of Bubble Gum:" San Francisco's recent past has been quiet, but the invasion of the Syndicate into Sutro Baths has struck a wake-up call among Awakened such as yourself. Breaktime's over. Your contributions might be as a foot soldier, a spy, or even an architect of improvements to the chantry and its node. Either way, you're here to make sure one of the world's richest cities stays in rightful hands.

Name: Vikram "Vic" Patel
Apparent Age: Adult
Nationality: Indian American
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Caregiver
Craft: Chakravanti