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Yet another collection of rowhouses stands three and four stories over the sidewalk. Haightful Hookah, squished into the regiment of buildings, is a brick house with almost too many windows. It stands out with its loud red paint-job, gable-fronted facade, and the generous front porch with white-painted wood railings and clustered columns.

The tobacco-rich space inside has an erratic floorplan that can only come from the San Francisco tactic of knocking out doors and walls from a repurposed Edwardian home. The plain-ness of the well-worn hardwood floors contrasts with the walls, which ripple and ramble with an intricate, meandering mural like mescaline incarnate. The music here is just as whimful: heavy-bodied hippy tunes, rock ballads, quirky ska and catchy top radio.

Hooks And Offers

Hangout: Haightful is a comfy hookah lounge where patrons can work or study during the day and hang out in the evenings or after a bar run. The seasoned employees who know how to serve you best and provide the best tasting hookah you can find in San Francisco. Flavorful hookah, rich coffee, delicious teas and chill music.

Special Orders: Lookin' for a dealer? Local chemist, hippy and professor Holland Samuels III can be found here more often than not if you're looking for him or what he can cook up.

At A Glance


Address 568 Haight Street
Gridsquare Haight-Ashbury
Target Splats Mortal+ and Mage
Proprietor David Lewis (NPC)


David Lewis: Manager and bartender.