Farhad Sassani

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Farhad Sassani

Farhad's smile blooms on his expression again, revealing that gold canine. "Our good Azar is certainly someone I endorse for you to get to know, Mister Mazanderani." He stands by as his ghoul Gene writes the address down, then pockets his card and wallet, and the pen. "I will have to check with Prince Winder's schedule and reach out to you this way," Farhad answers.


Farhad Sassani the Seneschal to Prince Winder, a curious instance a Vizier within the Tower thanks to their recent inclusion in the Camarilla.


Farhad is a very polite and soft-spoken individual. He will never actually be rude, unless, of course, he's on the brink of frenzy. He is very detail oriented and can be witnessed taking many written notes in meetings and gatherings. He does not threaten, he does not warn. He does, however, advise and establish boundaries. There are no surviving stories of them being enforced.


EugeneNguyen.jpg Eugene Farhad's rare-spoken ghoul, almost always present at the Assamite's side.

Chargenning Into The Camarilla?

As Seneschal, Farhad is one of the Camarilla who can arrange a meeting with the Prince. Write into your application that you would like to get into contact with Farhad and we will arrange it!

Perhaps you (or your coterie) have done some missions for him in the past! For example, cleaning up after someone was sloppy with the Masquerade, owing him a boon, being owed a boon, having a professional relationship otherwise, or knowing him when you perhaps crossed paths earlier in Unlife.


Name: Farhad Pedram Sassani
Apparent Age: Young adult
Nationality: Iranian
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Autocrat
Clan: Vizier