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Downtime is a stat that determines actions characters can have off-screened. Downtime points do not reflect a 1:1 ratio of IC gametime.

Every character gets 5 points of Downtime which do not roll over unless circumstances alter one's weekly downtime.

You can spend downtime on the following:

  • Reducing XP Spend Wait Times: 1 downtime reduces wait time by 24 hours.
  • Creating Or Learning A New Ritual: See our Learning Rituals rule.
  • Influence Actions: See the Influence page.
  • Easy +Hunting: You can exchange 1 downtime for 3 points of Blood.
  • Maintaining a Standing Rote
  • Having an IC task completed off-screen

Altered Downtime: Staff can adjust your Downtime totals according to IC situations. Any IC action that reasonably would take up consecutive hours but is not happening on screen costs 1 Downtime. Any ongoing IC action that would reasonably take consecutive weeks of your free time is grounds to lower a character's overall Downtime.

If you run out of Downtime, you cannot use actions that require it.