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Domain for the Sabbat and the Anarchs is a simple matter: stake out your claim and reinforce it with violence and dividends paid out to your fellow sectmates. How do you stake out your claim? By announcing it to those you want to obey your bidding (if you need ideas/guidance, reach out to staff). In the Camarilla, Domain is a matter of feudalism (that is, it works like it does in the books).

  • Found In: V20 page 113
  • Available To: All Vampires
  • In Character Generation: Not available in Chargen
  • After Character Generation: Raised through methods below (IC actions reflected through downtime spends and RP + XP purchase)
  • Purchasable When Becoming: No
  • Limitations: Domain can exceed a rating of 5 specifically through acquiring a vampire to act as your vassal.
  • Caveats: In the Camarilla, Neonates are not candidates for Domain. Camarilla vampires must be "in good standing" and are expected to essentially participate in feudalism (see below).

Camarilla Domain

Acquiring Domain

Prince Winder holds authority to grant Domain to Kindred in good standing. To be in "good standing," you need to be an Ancilla or Elder with no negative status. Winder will naturally allow Neonates to maintain their own havens, but will not allocate Domain to them beyond this minimal allowance. Those who Serve the Court in any capacity will receive preferential treatment for domain proportionate to the prestige of their position.

Primogen are the ones mostly expected to take the initiative to negotiate with Winder for Domain. Winder expects her vassals to be able to maintain their domain against intruders and enforce the Traditions within it. Vampires without Influence or manpower are unlikely to be granted domain, and those with significant boon debts must wait until they get their shit together. Those who Serve the Court in any capacity will receive preferential treatment for domain proportionate to the prestige of their position.

Once a Primogen has negotiated Domain, they may allocate their holdings to those who desire it, as they see fit. This can even include giving Domain to a Neonate, although the Primogen who dares take on that liability should be rare. But remember: a Primogen is the Lord, not the Prince. All Domain in the city is the Prince's domain. The Prince goes where they want, does what they want, hunts where they want. If you forget that, the Prince might forget they alotted you that domain in the first place.

So, how do you get Domain? If you have a Primogen, negotiate with your Primogen. If you don't have a Primogen, are the Primogen, or are feeling ballsy enough to go over your Primogen's head, then negotiate with the Prince. Be prepared to quantify how you intend to enforce your will within that domain.

What To Expect

After negotiating with Winder, she will hold a commendation ceremony. This breaks down to two things. First, the kindred to be granted domain will enter a contract where they promise to uphold the Masquerade and fight for the Prince at her command, and the Prince will agree to continue to protect and sponsor her new vassal. Next, Winder will have the kindred take an oath of fealty before the Court to reinforce the commitments made. That kindred is now one of her vassals.

A vassal can award domain to those beneath them (meaning you can give people dots of Domain out of your background pool). When doing so, first notify Winder to make it official. Then, if you want to do the whole feudal homage-fealty ceremony thing and have your new vassal sign a contract and swear to you, knock yourself out, but a handshake and agreement is also fine. The homage-fealty ceremony is just how Winder does it.

A vassal can be expected to provide counsel -- that is, participate in the making of major decisions. A vassal can also be expected to be called on directly to handle certain business, like a task to enforce the Traditions, which the vassal may delegate to someone or do themself.

Maintaining Domain

Your character being individually powerful may be enough to protect a one or two dot domain, but if you want to lord over an entire neighborhood or a number of blocks as Domain 3+ denotes, then you're going to need to be able to realistically enforce your laws and your will by delegating. After all, if you have a law of "so and so may not enter," how are you going to enforce your law if it's just you trying to cover multiple city blocks choked with thousands of people? There is no set stat requirement to hold Domain because Domain can describe a wide assortment of places and situations. For example, a Domain that is a warehouse vampires are unlikely to visit with easily monitored exits is going to be enforced differently than a busy strip of bars out in downtown.

As a general recommendation, you may want to have a dot of Influence, Retainers, or Allies for each dot of Domain so you can hire up some help. You may want to also delegate to a vassal to help you out!

Background Usage Ideas
Allies Patrols/scouts and enforcers (beware they are ignorant about the supernatural by default)
Contacts Scouts
Influence Set up patrols/scouts, enforcers (beware they are ignorant about the supernatural)
Herd Passive lookouts ("I saw XYZ here!") but not enforcers
Retainers Patrols/scouts and enforcers (who are actually aware of the supernatural)

Making Laws

Within your domain, you are Lord! Whooo! You get to decide what the rules are! If you're wondering about how to communicate to the game what said laws are, you can have +notes set on a gridsquare or put up a BBPost, or do both, even.

Domain Ratings

A Vampire with domain has no authority over the humans that live in it but has the responsibility to maintain the Masquerade among them. Domain does not confer influence of any kind over the residents of the domain toward this endeavor.

One Dot of Domain

A one-dot domain is "single small building" that is "enough for a basic haven". One dot domains may be places open to the public, but the maximum occupancy for this space should be 50 patrons or less. A dive bar or small cafe is an example.

Two Dots Of Domain

A two-dot domain has "ready but easily controllable access to the outside world" and is generally a large building designed for comings and goings of people. Two dot domains can be a particular business (as with a one-dot domain) that is more prominent, such as by being very big or popular. Some sort of strategic value in a small location will make an otherwise small domain count for two dots. A BART or MUNI station, for example, or extending your reach outside of your haven so as to have a buffer zone.

Three Dots Of Domain

A three-dot domain will get you around 3 acres (a city block), or something equivalent in terms of population density (a high rise luxury apartment complex, an important intersection). The green of Yerba Buena Gardens is a good example of size.

If this area offers significant value towards a particular sphere of influence (like a police station, a consulate), it will be considered at least a 3 dot domain.

Domains that are establishments with significant prominence also start out as 3 dot domains. A given theatre may be a 2 dot domain, but Bill Graham Auditorium would be a 3.

Four Dots Of Domain

A four-dot domain will get you around 25 acres (around 8 blocks) to fit with the V20 book description of "a sewer subsection, a network of service tunnels, the enclave of homes on a hill overlooking the city." Mission Dolores Park and Japantown are examples of roughly this size. If this area is part of a prominent if not monopolizing element of influence, it will be a 4. For example, Sales Force Tower would be a 4.

Five Dots Of Domain

A five dot domain will get you enough space to easily call a neighborhood or suburb, but be advised the gridsquares on the map represent entire districts and are not to be conflated as a 1:1 representation of a 5 dot domain. The space is limited to 60 acres (around 20 blocks). Lone Mountain is an example, as well as Cathedral Hill.

Again, please note that most of the gridsquares describe enough space to easily hold multiple 5 dot domains. The Richmond is one of the largest districts. At just under 3 square miles, this district could be broken up into roughly 30 parcels of 5-dot domains.