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Attributes are traits used measure a character's innate capabilities. They are often combined with skills or powers to form dice pools. Characters have nine attributes, grouped into three categories: Physical, Social and Mental. Normal mortal humans and most animals are limited to ratings of between 1 and 5, though in extreme cases they may have attribute ratings of zero. Especially large or fast animals may have Physical attributes beyond this range.

  • Human characters begin with an attribute spread of 6/4/3.
  • Supernatural characters begin with an attribute spread of 7/5/3.

Physical Attributes:

  • Strength - Raw physical strength.
  • Dexterity - Speed and ease of movement, covering both full body movement (i.e. gymnastics) and hand-eye coordination.
  • Stamina - Physical hardiness, including resistance to disease and physical trauma and how fast you can recover.

Social Attributes:

  • Charisma - How you come across to others socially; how you conduct yourself in public when not actively interacting with others.
  • Manipulation - How easily you bend others to your will, either through persuasion or threats.
  • Appearance - Your level of attractiveness; may be raised temporarily with clothing or other adornment.

Mental Attributes:

  • Intelligence - Memory and raw brain power.
  • Perception - Your ability to notice things, to perceive the world around you, through all your senses.
  • Wits - Quickness of thinking; measures how easily you make leaps of logic or intuition.

Attribute Scores:

  • Zero - Your character has such a deficit in this realm as to be inhuman. The only Attribute that can actually be 0 is Appearance.
  • One - Your character is markedly below average in this regard. Performing feats related to that skill would not be impossible but still would be a struggle.
  • Two - Your character is either average in this regard, or slightly above/below average.
  • Three - Your character is above average. Someone with a rating of 3 in an Attribute could rely on careers that turn often to that attribute, for example, Dexterity 3 and Charisma 3 would work for a professional performer while Intelligence 3 and Perception 3 is reasonable for a scientist.
  • Four - Your character is distinctly above average. Someone with a rating of 4 in an Attribute would be considered uncommon cream of the crop, but not yet at the peak of human achievement. It still would be something that makes them stand out. For example, a famed supermodel with Appearance 4, an Olympic power-lifter with Strength 4.
  • Five - Your character is the apex of human potential in this regard. Someone with a rating of 5 in an attribute outclasses the large majority of humanity. You could set world records. For example, if Jerry Miculek was a WOD character, he'd easily have Dexterity 5.