Anastasia's Rituals

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Level 1 Rituals

Bind The Accusing Tongue (V20 230) - Bind the Accusing Tongue lays a compulsion upon the subject that prevents him from speaking ill of thecaster, allowing the thaumaturge to commit literally unspeakable acts without fear of reprisal.

Blood Into Water (ROTB 145) - Once the caster has completed this ritual, all spilled blood within the ritual’s reach transmutes to water.

Brand (ROTB 25) - Brand allows the thaumaturge to transmute temporary tattoos and other body modifications received post- Embrace into a permanent state on the vampire’s body.

Defense Of The Sacred Haven (V20 230) - This ritual prevents sunlight from entering an area within 20 feet (six meters) of this ritual’s casting.

Domino Of Life (V20 231) - A vampire wanting or needing to simulate a human characteristic can do so once Domino of Life is cast.

Impressive Visage (ROTB 146) - The caster gains two dice on all Appearancerelated rolls for the duration of this ritual. This ritual lasts for a number of hours equal to the successes scored on the activation roll.

Sigil Of Authority (ROTB 24) - Grants a sigil to the target that can be used to provide a 3 dice penalty on opponent's social rolls when invoking the title of their benefactor.

Level 2 Rituals

Blood Walk (V20 232) - A thaumaturge casts this ritual on a blood sample from another vampire. Blood Walk is used to trace the subject’s Kindred lineage and the blood bonds in which the subject is involved.

Burning Blade (V20 232) - Burning Blade allows a caster to temporarily enchant a melee weapon to inflict unhealable wounds on supernatural creatures. While this ritual is in effect, the weapon flickers with an unholy greenish flame.

Donning The Mask Of Shadows (V20 233) - Individuals under the Mask of Shadows can only be detected if the observer possesses a power (such as Auspex) sufficient to penetrate Obfuscate 3.

Seal Egress (ROTB 25) - Seal Egress allows the thaumaturge to mystically seal a room closed to prevent unwanted trespassers from entering or leaving it until the proper passcode chosen by the caster is spoken aloud near the entrance.