Alex Foster

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Alex Foster


Alex Foster is a Virtual Adept responsible for the Signal Jammer that sews the city up into a volatile Correspondence ward, and he doesn't know whether to be amazed or ashamed of just how out of hand his creation has become. He is something of a fourth wheel of his cabal. You'd think the right term was "third" or "fifth", but the trio he's braided his life into is something of a throuple. Even after these decades, his grudge against certain Technocrats has not abated, and he is the group's source of expertise (and vitriol) on the matter.

Alex dodges surveillance from state authorities and city officials thanks to some flagging of his financial activity. He's under investigation in an attempt to catch him for fraud, fueled by Technocratic string-pulling. To this end, Alex tends to try to pawn work off on others in order to launder the details of his schemes.

Alex has lived in the Bay since the 60s, but you wouldn't guess it: while he's getting quite up in years he's managed to stifle his age by a decade or three. Perhaps you've been one of Foster's couriers or co-conspirators!

RP Hooks

  • All Out Of Bubble Gum: This NPC can be taken as an Ally for the Mage chargen hook "All Out Of Bubble Gum:" San Francisco's recent past has been quiet, but the invasion of the Syndicate into Sutro Baths has struck a wake-up call among Awakened such as yourself. Breaktime's over. Your contributions might be as a foot soldier, a spy, or even an architect of improvements to the chantry and its node. Either way, you're here to make sure one of the world's richest cities stays in rightful hands.


Name: Alexander Foster
Apparent Age: Sixties
Nationality: White Amerimutt
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Rebel
Craft: Virtual Adept